Our history is a very simple one, a combination of studying the sacred scriptures and discussions with lots of truth seekers over many years. But sadly to say, that sound teachings comes with many conflicting doctrines, which may appear right on the surface, but after deeper study are exposed. And this i believe has been the trouble with many sacred name groups, not just in the UK, but around the world. All too often the sacred name asemblies become a kind of mirror image of churchianity, or you could say in english, christendom. The reason why i say this, is that if you study the sacred name movements, it is full of disagreeing assemblies. All claim to have a clear understanding of Yahweh`s truth. And this is just similar to christianity, but also judaism at the time of the Messiah. If you study this period, you will find many, many groups all under the law but claiming to be more in line with Yahweh`s will. It is so true, that there is nothing new under the sun. So should we be surprised in this time that so many assemblies can`t even talk together. To all these brothers and sisters out there, i ask that you keep love as your focus and not mans interpretation, which we all know is prone to change.

This history will be an honest one. We do not claim to have all truths, we are still sincerely seeking Yahweh`s truth. And we are happy that we have not allowed our hearts to become hardened or puffed up with some kind of superficial spiritual measuring line, where there is no room for Yahweh`s spirit to guide us.

The sacred name history in Cornwall has its roots in Truro in 1967 by a man called Ralph Harbage, sadly to say he`s deceased now. Then another man called Jack Moyle held a meeting in Chacewater, near Truro. He was joined by his brother Melville and John Tucker with their families. This continued until the 1970`s when Chris Clarke joined them. Unfortunately in 1972 the first split happened. After that the few members met at Bissoe in a caravan, this continued until the 1980`s when the assembly decided to have two smaller meetings, one at Bissoe, near Truro, and one at Penwithick, near St.Austell until the 1990`s, when it nearly stopped altogether. Thankfully, this was the time when my family and myself became interested in seeking Yahweh`s truth. Once again, interest was being shown for forming an assembly again, and on 5th February 2000, thirty two people met at Tresillian Village Hall, near Truro. This carried on for about four years, but then some decided to stop. But some of us who love Yahweh with all our heart felt that we could not let our neighbours down by not having a place of true worship in Cornwall. After a period of three years, some members felt that they wanted to keep sabbath meetings and also go to christian meetings on a sunday. Those of us who put Yahweh first, felt that this was totally wrong. We know that we cannot mix Yahweh`s truth with Baal, 2 cor 6:14-18 and gal 5:1.  We cannot be entangled in unscriptural worship, gal 4:9. This i believe is a truthful account of our history in Cornwall. The assembly now is at Par which is a little coastal village, we are few in number, but we trust in Yahweh, we sincerely hope that you will appreciate our honesty. Our only goal is to bring people to Yahweh`s truth. If you feel that Yahweh is calling you, and you are tired of the lies and false teachings of the religions, please contact us at davidfrost42@hotmail.com.  May Almighty Yahweh bless you deeply through Yahshua our Messiah.